Our mission is to improve life in Vancouver by improving the businesses that power our local economy

The Nawoc Program
We Build Value

By focusing efforts on growing revenue,  reducing costs,  optimizing assets and strenghening the foundation

We Work Onsite

Good habits are formed by coaching you and your team through our methodology. We always strive to:

Work onsite with your team, on a weekly basis

Train your team on our techniques

Leave a culture of continuous improvement

We Use Proven Methodology

Our techniques are based on over 16 years of consulting, across the globe.


Strategic Planning





We're always happy to talk about your business.

Email us and let us know what issues you're having and what keeps you up at night.



We offer our services as a weekly onsite support, which includes:

Strategic Planning

Lets make sure you know where you are going over the next few years, and how you will get there


We'll show you how to focus on what brings the most value to your business


Roles and responsibilities need to be clearly defined, and weekly priorities set


Decisions need to be supported by facts. We'll provide detailed analysis from whatever data sources you have


We work with you and your team onsite, building tools & systems to make your business run better. No "reports" needed.


We'll instill good habits in your management team, and provide one-on-one coaching where needed


Here is a small sample of what we do

Strategic Planning

A 5 year strategy and 1 year execution plan was developed for a manufacturing client, outlining exactly what the company needed to do, starting NOW.

Technology Selection

We followed our process and:

1. defined business requirements

2. evaluated vendors against the requirements

3. tested and implemented the new software

Improved Accountability

Staff were unsure of what authority they had, so we introduced an organizational chart, and created formal job descriptions

Our Team

We are a group of talented business advisory experts that have over 35 years of combined experience adding value to organizations like yours. We have worked all over the globe bringing positive changes to both small and large businesses. Our backgrounds include engineering, business and entrepreneurship degrees.


Greg Cowan

Greg founded Nawoc to help small and growing businesses with the same type of support large enterprises receive. His 16 years of consulting experience gives him the ability to quickly analyze your business and target value enhancing improvements.


Douglas Meneghel

Doug is our business improvement consultant with extensive project management and supply chain experience.  He works on-site with our client to help them grow their businesses and implement improvements.


Sara Guerra

Sara is our business improvement analyst with entrepreneurial training and experience running the day-to-day operations of a business. She brings her experience to our clients every day, helping implement improvements and coaching staff.


How much time do you spend onsite?

Our time spent onsite will depend on what your business needs and what makes financial sense. Our combined goal is to generate value for your business. 

Do you follow a defined program?

Every business is unique and will generate value differently. We customize our service based on your unique situation.

Can we use your tools after you leave?

Absolutely! We provide you the tools, and training on how to use them properly. You are welcome to use them after we leave.

How long do you work with a business?

Our clients typically engage us anywhere from 2-9 months, but it depends on your vision for the business and what is needed. The longer we are onsite, the more positive change we can introduce into your business.